Watch Battery for Fossil AM4368

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  • Silver Oxide watch battery, quality name brand (Maxell, Sony, Energizer)
  • Average battery life 2 to 3 years
  • Size and type equivalent to Fossil watch AM4368 - Fossil Date Silver Bracelet 100M Mens Watch
  • Voltage: 1.55 volts, 0% mercury
  • Excellent stable discharge characteristics
  • High energy density
  • Leakage resistance
  • Made in Japan or USA

  • A silver-oxide battery uses silver oxide as the cathode material and zinc for the anode. These cells maintain a constant nominal voltage during discharge until fully depleted. All Maxell batteries are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of all various national and international industry battery standards.

    Warning: Keep away from small children. If swallowed, promptly see a doctor. Wipe the cell with dry cloth and set properly confirming ends (+,_). Use non-metallic tweezers. Do not throw the cell into fire, do not recharge.

    Fossil watch battery change guide:

    Disclaimer: the following paragraphs are for information only. It provides a general guideline. Actual process may differ depending on the type of watch you have. See videos in our Blog for more information.

    Fossil watches use Japanese quartz movement. The improved designs made battery change simple. There are many videos on Youtube which demonstrate the process. Here is a brief guide.

    Step 1 - open the back cover: most of the Fossil watches have a twist-open back cover, which can be opened with a twist-back opener. If your watch has the snap-on back cover, a pry opener is needed . A small phillips screw-driver will be needed if the back cover is closed by screws.

    Step 2 - remove the movement ring: a white or black plastic ring that holds the quartz movement in place can be removed by lifting up with a tweezer or a small screw-driver.

    Step 3 - remove the old battery: release the spring-arm that holds down the battery in place. Battery will jump out or can be removed with a tweezer. Check for any signs of leakage. Clean up any discharges from the old battery if any.

    Step 4 - install new battery: insert the new battery into the battery socket by pushing the spring-arm aside in the same fashion as the old battery situated (positive + facing down in majority of the movements). If the watch doesn’t run after the new battery installation, remove the battery and clean the connector on the bottom of the battery socket.

    Step 5 - close the back cover: Twist back and screw-type are easy to close. If your watch has a snap-on back cover that is tight and hard to close, you may need to take additional measures (See our videos in Blog section)